// NOT FOR SALE – 2018

We released the music video for “Not For Sale” in April 2018. This is the second video from the album “Wake Up”

“Not For Sale” is the story of searching for fame and wanting your voice to be heard. At the same time, it’s a story about keeping your head held high and being true to your convictions, despite external influences. We wanted to portray this by commenting on an aspect of the music industry that we feel is predominant these days.

Directed and produced by Few Dollars More.

// DELIRIOUS – 2017

The video for “Delirious” was released January 2018, simultaneously with the release of the single. This is the first single from our album “Wake Up”.

“Delirious” is the story of a contradicting society that keeps us in the dark. We see the young man with a black bag over his head being lead and confused by the ballerina, while kept in the dark about reality.

Directed and produced by Few Dollars More.


“Destination Unknown” is the second music video from our album “Sunset Redemption” released in November 2016.

It is easy to get lost in a multimodal society. We try to live up to our own and everyone else’s expectations. The video is a dark depiction of a man being bound and chained by temptation and addiction, trying to break free to find himself and his meaning.

Directed and produced by Marius Tandberg.


“California River Queen” is the first music video from our album “Sunset Redemption” released in June 2016.

This is a vivid representation of the story behind the song. A story of personal downfall in a myriad of external expectations. We witness the main charachters downfall on a bad night out where everything goes wrong, enriched by the colourful character gallery.

Keep in mind, this video has age restrictions.

Directed and produced by Tina Høstland.