With one foot in the ’70s and the other in the present, Few Dollars More brings you the good old sounds of rock and roll, while giving a breath of fresh air to a music market where partying, sex, and alcohol seems to be recurring themes.

As one of Norway’s leading Vintage Rock band, we release rock and roll that will make you nod your head in approval. Inspired by both the lyrical and musical hay days of the ’70s, the band has evolved into a modern classic.

We’re not here to save the world, or stirr up a musical revolution. We’re here to rock! And we do it with massive conviction!

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We’re playing at the Arnemoen Gard Festival in Ringebu, Norway on June 1st 2019.

Check out www.arnemoengard.com for more info and tickets!



We’re playing at the Rockstream Festival in Revetal, Norway on July 4th 2019. We’re playing at the main stage at 22:00!

Check out www.rockstream.no for more info and tickets!


We released the music video for “Not For Sale” in April 2018. This is the second video from the album “Wake Up”

“Not For Sale” is the story of searching for fame and wanting your voice heard. At the same time it’s about keeping your head held high and being true to your convictions, despite external influences. We wanted to portray this in our music video, by commenting on an aspect of the music industry that we feel is predominant these days.


Few Dollars More - Wake Up Album Cover Art - Web


May 16th 2018 marked the release of our second album “Wake Up”. With a great flood of melodic, seductive and catchy tunes, the listener is drawn in. The album alternates between the psychedelic and dreamy, the ductile and heavy, and the energetic and reckless.

This is straightforward Rock tunes, with elements that are more stripped down than what we’ve released before. We try to portray the world as we see it through our music, both good and bad. With this album, we’re not afraid to highlight the darker sides of humanity and our modern society. We’re exploring the modern equivalent of the backstory of the Great Flood. How people live in a state of moral dysfunction, with materialistic motives, egocentric views, and lust above fraternity.

We want our music to be vivid and dynamic, and think we have achieved that with this album.




January 19th 2018 “Man in Doubt” saw the light of day. This is our second single form the album “Wake Up”. Our goal is to blow life back into the 70’s rock and roll, while bringing something new and refreshing to the genre.

The lyrics of this song is filled with references to the challenges of modern society. “Why do we take the easy way out” refers to how we usually take the path of least resistance to achieve our goals, even though we know it won’t pay off in the long run. The ego of mankind is standing is the way of our common greater good. The verses are structured to address different historical tendencies or events, day to day situations where the easy way out might be the outcome.

“Man in Doubt” starts off in a minimalistic way with only drum, bass and vocals. AS the expectation builds through the song, the rough but elegant sound transforms into a groovy chorus.


The video for “Delirious” was released January 2018, simultaneously with the release of the single. This is the first single from our album “Wake Up”.

“Delirious” is the story of a contradicting society that keeps us in the dark. We see the young man with a black bag over his head being lead and confused by the ballerina, while kept in the dark about reality.