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Few Dollars More released their video for the song “Not For Sale”. This is the second video from the new album released in March 2018.


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Few Dollars More is without a doubt the new advocates of rock. Friday March 16th a great flood of melodic, seductive and catchy tunes is released upon us with their album «Wake Up». Through the album they alternate between the psychedelic and dreamy, the ductile and heavy, and the energetic and reckless.

– On this record, you’ll find straight forward rock tunes, but also psychedelic and melancholic combinations. You’ll find soft and vulnerable songs, and parts that are more undressed than anything we have released earlier, guitarist Espen Klausen tells us.

When Few Dollars More creates music they try to portray the world as they see it, both the good and the bad, and they’re not afraid to highlight the darker sides of humanity and our modern society.

– On this album we’ve actually dived into the biblical story of the Great Flood. Not because of the religious aspect, but because it’s a story that is very relevant today, vocalist Odd Thomas Bergem Tandberg explains.

– We’ve been inspired by the backstory of the Great Flood, the fact that people lived in a state of moral dysfunction, with materialistic motives, egocentric views and lust above fraternity. That’s not too far from how a large portion of humanity is living today, is it?  Odd Thomas asks.

Few Dollars More are concerned with the combination of lyrics and music, to paint vivid, colorful pictures in the mind of the listener, though the musical aspects always come first. Over the last years, the band has worked up a reputation for being a formidable live band who always delivers on stage with an intense and energetic enthusiasm.

– We are a band who loves to improvise! We want our music to be vivid and dynamic. That’s why all our shows are unique, a song will never be played the exact same way more than once. The last song on the album is in fact recorded in one take! says drummer Lasse Motrøen.

– There is no better feeling than playing live and feeling the chemistry between us and the audience. We will keep giving our all, especially when we go on tour to celebrate the new album, the band concludes.




Few Dollars More released their second single from the upcoming album on Friday 19th of January. This time it’s «Man In Doubt» that sees the light of day.

It has become Few Dollars More’s goal to blow life back into the 70’s rock and roll, while bringing something new and modern to the genre. Their lyrics are filled with references to the challenges of our society.

–  Why do we take the easy way out? Why is it so easy to choose the path of least resistance, even if we know deep inside that i won’t pay off in the long run? It seems like the human ego is standing in the way of the greater good, says guitarist Espen Klausen.

–  The verses is structured in a way that addresses different historical tendencies or events, day to day situations or views where the easy way out might be the outcome, says vocalist Odd Thomas Bergem Tandberg.

If anything can bring the 70’s rock and roll back to life, it’s Few Dollars More. «Man In Doubt» starts off in a minimalistic way with only the bass drum and vocals. The expectation builds before entering a groovy chorus. This elegant song still has a rough sound.

–  We’re inspired by our everyday lives, as well as historical events. In this song you can find attitudes held by religious fanatics, or the colonial supremacists in meeting with the indigenous people, and how they looked down upon them, drummer Lasse Motrøen clarifies.

–  The last part of the third verse is aimed at those who sell their creative power or opinions for financial benefits or popularity, says bass player Rolf Bang.

Few Dollars More looks forward to the release of their new single, and the touring that comes with it.


Few Dollars More released their first official video for the single Delirious. This is the first single from the upcoming album due for release in March 2018.